Lift Ticket Deals

There are generally three ways to score discount lift tickets.

1)  Ski N’ See, Utah Ski and Golf, and Canyon Sports:  Discount Lift Tickets are available at these stores in the Salt Lake downtown area.  We can make arrangements with one of our partner shops to have your tickets brought up to Park City (assuming you rent from them).  These tickets generally offer the most flexibility.

2)  Costco:  You can buy Park City tickets at Costco.  In the past Canyons sold tickets at Costco, but as of Fall 2013 Canyons  tickets do not seem to be available.  The pricing for 2013-14 is $349.99 for a 5 pack of adult tickets for Park City.  If you call one of the Salt Lake area Costcos they will even mail the tickets to you prior to your arrival.  For Costco tickets these can work out well if your days needed match up or if you plan on coming more than once in a season.  The tickets/vouchers can be used among different people.  This deal is not as good as what it used to be as prices have dramatically increased in the last 3 years.

3)  Liftopia:  The downside to liftopia is that you have to use your ticket on a certain day (for a single ticket) or it expires.  The upside is that they often have much better deals than other places though that has been less and less the case as they’ve become more popular.

4) Craigslist/ While this may be a less legitimate way of obtaining cheap lift tickets the best deals can be found this way. I was once offered 4 corporate Snowbird tickets for $100 in the Canyons parking lot. And many departing visitors will want to quickly sell their unused tickets for whatever they can get.