Your safety is our highest priority.  We make unique efforts to ensure that you will be safe in any weather condition and vehicle.  Some of the efforts we make are:


We choose vehicles based on both their 4×4 or AWD features as well as their capacities.  For those vehicles that do not come with 4×4 we equip them with high performance snow tires.

All large SUVs and large Vans have higher rollover risk than smaller passenger vehicles.  There are no vehicles with more than a 3 star out of 5 rollover rating.

We mitigate this risk by training our drivers to follow safe speed limits based on conditions and maintain proper weight limits to reduce the chance of tire failure that could lead to a loss of control of the vehicle.  Electronic stability control technology also helps prevent conditions that could lead to a rollover.

Our smaller passenger vehicles are all rated Top Safety Picks and receive the highest crash test ratings.


Tire rotation and replacement are critical to ensuring safety in wet, slippery winter conditions.  We carefully monitor tire wear on all of our vehicles and replace tires when needed to ensure maximum traction in winter weather.

We use specialized windshield wipers to ensure that our drivers have maximum visibility in conditions where collecting snow and ice on the windshield can block the driver’s view of the road leading to reduced awareness of hazards.


We choose the highest rated tires for winter and all-season use based on ice/snow performance with consideration of road noise and durability.


We realize that vehicle emissions directly contribute to air pollution in our community, making up about 50% of hazardous air particulates.  In Utah, the Salt Lake, Utah, and Ogden valleys rank among the worst in air quality nationally.

Our efforts to improve air quality include converting to cleaner natural gas vehicles, opting for PZEV (partial zero emissions) or hybrids, planning for future electric fleet options, and tracking driver behavior to enforce anti-idling policies.

Green Power

For the 2012-13 winter season we are located in the Treasure Mountain Inn on Park City’s Main St.  This building runs on over 100% green power as the solar panels on the roof allow the building to sell its excess energy generated back into the grid.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas is a domestic fuel with stable, substantially lower pricing than gasoline and produces about 20-50% of the emissions versus gasoline.  In the near term natural gas will encourage energy independence, political stability, and cleaner air.


Partial zero emissions vehicles like our Subaru Outbacks contain some upgraded emissions features that allow them to score 9 out of 10 for smog forming emissions, about the same as most hybrids.

Electric Vehicles

With the introduction of the Tesla Model S and soon the Model X AWD SUV, we may soon have the opportunity to operate entirely emissions free with a solar power generating source.  We hope to work with Park City to build more solar and electric vehicle infrastructure as the technologies improve.

Anti-Idling Telemetry

With built-in GPS, engine monitoring, and real-time data recording, we can ensure that our drivers follow our anti-idling guidelines to eliminate unnecessary emissions and fuel consumption.