What are your rates?

Our rates can be found under the section “RATES” in the menu bar.  If you do not see the rate you are looking for please use the chat tool below, send us a message, or call or text 435-565-1155.

How do I make a reservation?

If you are a new customer please call us or use the online reservation system under “Book a Ride” in the menu bar above.

If you are a repeat customer and we have all your information the easiest way to book a ride is  to text or email us your arrival flight information as well as how many people or any vehicle preferences you may have.  We will create your reservation and email you a confirmation.

How do I find the driver/car when I arrive at the airport?

For a “normal”, curbside pick-up, you will call or text us at 435-565-1155 to confirm your arrival.  Once you have collected your luggage you will call or text us again and we will direct you to the appropriate exit and dispatch the driver from the staging area just outside the terminal.  The driver will pull up at the orange-colored curb immediately outside of the terminal (not across the street) within 2-5 minutes.

For a “Meet & Greet”, the driver will meet you in the terminal just outside of security with a sign.  After helping you collect your luggage the driver will have you sit by the door while the vehicle is being retrieved from the staging area.  Unfortunately, Salt Lake International does not allow the driver to pull up to the terminal while waiting for you so there may be a 10 minute wait for the driver to return.  Under special circumstances (i.e. celebrity/film festival) we can arrange with the airport to have a special greeter and allow the driver wait in a designated location for immediate pickup.

How far away is Park City from the airport?

Kimball Junction, the area of Park City immediately by I-80, is about 30 minutes from SLC Airport.

Canyons Resort, which lies about halfway between Kimball and Park City proper, usually takes 35-40 minutes.

Park City proper and nearby neighborhoods usually need 40-45 minutes.

The Deer Valley area of Park City, which lies 2-5 miles past Park City Main Street, generally requires 45-50 minutes.  Areas further back or higher in elevation can take up to 1 hour.

During periods of heavy snowfall these times can fluctuate by about +50%.  So a 40-45 minute drive may take 1 hour.  Usually worst case travel time is 1.0-1.5 hours though there have been rare instances when 2 hours were needed depending on where you are being picked up/dropped off in Park City and the vehicle booked (4×4 or not).

When should I be picked-up for my return from Park City to SLC Airport?

We generally require pick-ups to be made 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes prior to your flight time.  We will book outside of our guidelines but do not take responsibility for missed flights.

Do you provide car seats/booster seats?

Utah law requires booster seats or child seats for children under 8.  Exemptions can be made for children over 100 pounds or over 57 inches tall.

We charge $2 per booster seat and $5 per child seat each way.  Since we assume additional liability by offering (or failing to offer) boosters/child seats we require a small fee to ensure that we reliably offer this service.

Does it make sense to rent a car?

For most people, renting a car in Park City is more trouble than its worth.  You will have to navigate and miss the beautiful scenery and little things like animals on the side of the mountain that only being a passenger allows you to observe.  You will pay for gas and assume liability for damaging the vehicle or other property.  You will need a place to park and everywhere you go you will need to find parking.  If your parking is not indoors then you may have to unbury your vehicle on a regular basis.

Also, it’s usually more expensive than a car service and you will likely not use the car as much as you expected.

Park City has an extensive free public transit system as well as numerous taxis and many properties have their own shuttle.

You will most likely need a much bigger and expensive rental than you would have anticipated or you will rent a vehicle too small for your group and end up spending hours strapping luggage to the roof when you could be skiing.

You can go from plane to resort in 1 hour with a private car service.  With a rental car it will be closer to 2-2.5 hours as you pick-up your car, figure out directions, park, and make unnecessary stops.  Your relaxation and recreation time is valuable.  Don’t waste it!

If you plan to drink in Park City then you will not want to drive.  DUIs in Utah are extremely expensive.

The only reason to rent a car are if you plan on going to excursions outside of town such as Cat Skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, etc.  Even then most of the excursion companies offer transportation.